A new generation of digital data collection tools!

From collecting data in the field, to interpreting and analysing, to sharing and archiving – FAIMS provides a solution.

FAIMS is a suite of digital tools for all stages of the digital data collection lifecycle. Flexible and scalable, FAIMS is designed to work with any workflow, ontology or standard. FAIMS is so flexible it can be used with any research discipline involving fieldwork data collection.

Collect information digitally in the field using the FAIMS Mobile Platform. Use an Android mobile device running the FAIMS app and sync data to an on-site server for doing fully offline GIS.

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Analyse and visualise your data collected in the field using the FAIMS Web Tools suite. Heurist is ready to use now and more tools are in the pipeline.

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Preserve your data and make it available to other researchers. Powered by the proven tDAR platform, FAIMS Repository is the place to archive, protect and share your data.

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FAIMS Mobile Platform

Make your fieldwork digital

Spend less time digitising and more time learning from your data.

Data is automatically synced and backed up, offline and on-site. If you have an Internet connection, you can also sync to the cloud. The FAIMS Mobile Platform records a full history of all data collected and any changes made. It can be tailored to work with any workflow, ontology or standard. Contact us for a demonstration and for more information about how the FAIMS Mobile Platform can make your fieldwork easier.

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FAIMS Web Tools

Powerful analysis and visualisation tools

Analyse and visualise data collected in the field with FAIMS Web Tools.

Heurist is the first tool available in this suite. Heurist is an online database for managing, analysing and interpreting digital research objects. Generate maps to spatially visualise your data and network diagrams to understand relationships in your datasets.

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FAIMS Repository

Archive, protect and share your data with ease

Built on a proven foundation

Based on tDAR, the FAIMS Repository provides a place for researchers to archive their data and maintain confidentiality and privacy of datasets while research is still being carried out with the data. Data can be made public to open it up for access by other researchers.

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What our users say:

… the tablet app worked very well in the field and I would be keen to continue using it for subsequent sampling.
Dr Rose Turnbull, NZ Geochemistry
The app has been such an incredible advantage in terms of workload, data quality, and a number of other data management issues with which archaeologists regularly have to deal. […] I can see this user-friendly app being easily transferrable to other projects, and the support team has been brilliant.
Dr Jessica Thompson, ARC Fellow and Project Director for MEMSAP
I am in a state of shock because I got the tablet to work and download the app with almost no trouble at all! […] even sleep deprived OCD academics can make this sh*t work easily.
Dr Andrew Fairbairn, ARC Future Fellow, The University of Queensland

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