FAIMS 1.3 map screen taken at Zagora by Adela Sobotkova. CC-BY 2013.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions from our users and collaborators.

Who can use FAIMS?

Anyone can use the FAIMS platform. Archaeologists, geologists, environmental scientist needing applications for offline digital data field collection are particularly welcome! We are developing open source and there is no cost to use and distribute the software.

How skilled do I have to be to use it properly?

Anyone with a bit of enthusiasm and interest in technology can use and customise the system.  If you’re happy with the off-the-shelf templates (eg the ‘FAIMS Excavation Module’), you won’t need any specialised computing skills to use the app, although familiarity with touch screen devices will be an advantage. You may need some help setting up the server (you’ll certainly want to have the instructions handy).

If you want to produce your own recording sheets, you’ll need to be confident in writing and editing XML files. (We can also do the script-writing and other customisations for you, if you have funding available to support this activity)

I want to see a demo of FAIMS!

You can trial the FAIMS Mobile platform on your own, by downloading the application off of Google Play (it only works on Android) and then downloading sample modules from our Demo Library and trying them out. For full instructions on the process, see our User Guide.

What are the technical requirements of the system?

You need an Android device running Android 6.+ with rear-facing camera, an Access Point, and a computer capable of running (or virtualising) Linux.

Will it work on an iPad?

No, it is native Android.

I need a mobile application for my new project.  How much will it cost if I need help?

The answer is that the customization cost depends on the complexity of your data structure and field workflow. What is your data structure? Are you using any existing standards and vocabularies? Do you have specific requirements regarding the recording workflow? Once you have answers to these questions and know roughly what you want to build, contact the FAIMS team and we will be able to give you a quote.

On a simple interface and using our templates, a one-day consultation will help you fine tune your application to your requirements.

If you have a complex workflow and deeply structured and complicated data, you may need to make a series of appointments with our technical advisers.  You will discuss your data structure and your workflow with them and decide on the best way of tailoring the app to your needs.  Our application is generalized and designed to be versatile. Customisation to any kind of project will require anywhere between 1–10 days, depending on the complexity of your data and field recording workflow.  Call us today to get a quote!

Is technical support provided by the FAIMS project?


If you need specialised technical assistance for customisation of any FAIMS component, the cost will depend on the scale and scope of your project and dataset(s). At the moment, we have been quoting a ballpark figure of $5,000 - 15,000 (AUD) for ARC projects who need a customised mobile application for data collection and assistance with automated ingest of final datasets into a federated repository of your choice. This number will vary largely depending on the nature, volume and complexity of your data and its maintenance needs.

I have other questions!

Ask us on support or look at our User Guide


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