Climbing the Tower of Babel

Birthing our software development requirements has been extraordinarily painful. All archaeologists should be forced to go through this process at least once!

It is both a frustrating and an eye-opening experience to be throwing concepts and workflows back and forth between archaeologists and techies and striving for a shared understanding. It is about translation, and yet, we all speak English.  It feels like we are barely covering any ground although we have been spending hours with the documentation on daily basis for the last weeks. We keep going back, restating, interpreting, and re-articulating requirements. New things, new understandings just keep popping up. Sometimes I feel it takes superhuman concentration, patience and language skills!

Getting to Tower of Babel is easy. Getting on top of it is hard work.

PS: Everytime I get frustrated with our progress I think of our project assistants, who have been steadily processing documents, pictures and audio files from the Workshop in the meantime. At least they seem to be accomplished and getting some closure…

Dialogue & Discussion