The cascading failures of autocompletion

So, after further investigation, all of the problem we’ve been having is due to our little cute country-state auto-completion script dropping tens of warnings into the Apache error log…. every few milliseconds while people were trying to auto-complete it.

While this worked in our tests… clearly it scaled exceedingly poorly. This morning, tearing out the php conversion of csv to json (which was clearly overtaxing our poor little server) left us with unexpected jquery errors.

So I just removed auto-completion from the survey. While it would have been a cute luxury for a different server, our IO throughput on our virtual machine is simply insufficient to the task. (Due to disk-wait, we were averaging a load of over 10 on our 15 minute average.)

I would like to extend my sincere apologies to everyone who encountered slowdowns or errors during the survey.

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