Remote Sensing the environs of Zagora, Greece

Here are some pictures of the deployment of the FAIMS app for ground truthing the results of satellite image analysis at the Zagora Archaeological Project in Greece.  I have been invited to explore the environs of Zagora, a fascinating Early Iron Age site on the island of Andros. I did this with the help of assistant Petra Janouchova and WorldView satellite imagery, which we first rectified, then analyzed and then exported to the FAIMS app for ground control.

[caption id=”attachment_1065” align=”aligncenter” width=”648”]Petra working in the FAIMS app above Zagora Petra working in the FAIMS app above Zagora[/caption]

The app provides wonderfully clear and detailed maps in comparison to ArcPAD (which we run as a backup) and shapefiles that I create in ArcGIS during the RS analysis can be exported to the app thanks to a single line of code.  Petra and I use our 4” Google phones (Samsung Nexus Galaxy i9250). We have found it a lightweight and easy tool to have handy at all times while scrambling up steep local slopes with insanely prickly vegetation.

Zagora RS

The schema for ground control data collection was generated in Heurist and debugged by Brian in the first two days of our fieldwork. As there is good internet I use the Cloud server to sync the data on daily basis. It works! I am thrilled to have such good maps and to have my pictures captured instantly with all the ground control data and coordinates. It’s easy and it’s fun!

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