Excavation mock-up

In the whirlwind of the AAA conference I had forgotten to write a post one of the highlights of the mobile app development launch. Here it is:

On 4 December, we had taken our Intersect developer group to a YHA conservation site on Cumberland Street in the Rocks. We were fortunate that a live excavation was going on nearby and our engineers got to look at the real thing first (and breathe some dirt) before we took them to the YHA. After Penny introduced the site’s history and tenets of excavation, she distributed packs of record sheets and everyone got to practise the basics of archaeological documentation.

We tried to provide instruction and explanation where needed, but no archaeologist is made in one day.  Nevertheless, our engineers struggled valiantly to penetrate the archaeological vocabulary and describe visible features according to guidelines, while holding onto a stack of different paper forms, logs and matrices, trying to keep it attached to their clipboards. Everyone remarked on the hot December sun, windy conditions and deafening traffic and construction noise coming from the Cumberland Street. Having mediated these basic urban excavation conditions, we judged our experiment successful :)

Next year : survey mock up![gallery]

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