Preparing to post on Google Play

Sorry for the long silence. Things have been just insane around here as we get ready to “go gold” *.

Still, in preparation for that, we had to make a number of screenshots, so we thought we might as well share them here.

Taken on my new phone, a nexus 7, and an asus TF700, we present screenshots of our new maps interface, and some of the more interesting bits of data collection.

We’ve also made sure that there’s a demo server running, so that when we go live (beta) on Google Play, people can play with the app without a server.

I’ve re-written the server installer, and it should work most of the time now (except when I’m not watching it…).

[gallery link=”file” ids=”1027,1026,1025,1024,1023,1022,1021,1020,1019,1018,1017,1016,1015,1014,1013,1012,1011,1010,1009”]

*A term of ancient art, at least in the computing landscapes, as the idea of burning a golden master CD… is cute and antiquated.

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