Call for Repository Testers

Dear FAIMS community,

After much delay we are getting ready for the testing of the FAIMS Repository production release. As this is the final release, we are looking for feedback from a wide variety of users. If you can spare 1 – 2 hours during the next week and wish to become a tester, please contact and we will send you the script. To be a tester you need the following:

  • Internet connection

  • Software to unzip compressed files (eg. 7zip at

  • Software to play video and audio files (optional)

  • Patience and ability to follow instructions

Just to peak your interest, you would be testing the following functionalities:

  • import of data from the FAIMS mobile application

  • ingest of external spatial data

  • map obfuscation

  • ingest of audio and video files

  • assignment of DOIs at the Resource-level in the Repository

This is a great opportunity to get your hands on the Repository.

We really appreciate everybody’s help with this final user acceptance testing for the NeCTAR-funded phase of the FAIMS project!

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