Are you applying for ARC Discovery or Linkage grant this year?

Note that ARC asks the applicants to address the management of data in “Part C - Project Description”:


  • Outline plans for the management of data produced as a result of the proposed research, including but not limited to storage, access and re-use arrangements.

If you are wondering how best to manage your data, please consider using the FAIMS infrastructure! We can provide model text for the Project Description and the Budget Justification.

We will help you determine a budget for your project that will cover:

  1. Mobile data collection using the FAIMS platform.

  2. Data refinement using a combination of the FAIMS platform and other tools.

  3. Data export from the FAIMS platform into your favourite tools (e.g., ARCGIS).

  4. Data archiving and publication using the FAIMS repository (or another archive).

Why use FAIMS?

  • FAIMS software, when properly deployed, allows the creation of datasets that meet all Australian data management requirements and best practice guidelines published by the ARC and ANDS

  • The FAIMS mobile application offers an Android-based, offline-capable, GIS-enabled tool for flexible data capture. It is fully customisable to your workflows, data schemata and terminology.

  • The FAIMS mobile application can greatly facilitate the production of clean, well-structured, error-free datasets that are ready for submission to an archive, repository, or publication service. Provided they are conceived and designed properly (something else we can assist!), these datasets will be reusable and re-purposeable for regional, comparative, and synthetic studies.

  • The FAIMS repository (an implementation of tDAR) conforms to international best practices and has been endorsed by the Society of American Archaeology and National Science Foundation in the US.

If you are interested, please write to and we will discuss the scope of your project, provide model text for your application, and estimate the cost.

We are ready to work with projects to customize your digital recording systems. Please, spread the word widely!

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