Another successful acceptance test!

We’ve just completed our first acceptance test of Heurist, and we’re delighted to say we’ve completed it, and likely passed (pending acceptance by our steering committee)

We installed the open-source version using a script I wrote, and got it running on the NeCTAR cloud (with only a few hiccups that are, even now, being ironed out.)


What’s even more exciting is that not only did it read in sample data (and horribly multi-valued data at that) but it read in our spatial data and rendered it in google maps! A big thank you to Arts eResearch developer Artem for setting all this up!


And here’s one of our studious testers toiling away at the 20 page testing document… (But we gave them cookies, so our exploitation was ameliorated… a bit…)


And as this winds up, we’re starting to prepare for our beta UAT of our mobile app and our repository! Stay tuned!

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