A quick survey on data sharing

Frank Lynam at Trinity College Dublin is sending out a survey:

As part of my doctoral research at the department of Classics at Trinity College Dublin, I have compiled a very brief survey about current attitudes to digital data sharing within archaeology. I would be enormously grateful and in your debt if you could spare 2 minutes to complete the survey. The survey is anonymous but as an added incentive, all respondents who choose to submit their email addresses, will be entered into a draw for a €40 Amazon gift card. The survey will close at the end of March 2015 and once compiled, I will make the results available as raw and summarised data. The survey can be accessed here: [http://linkedarc.net/surveys/arch-datasharing](http://linkedarc.net/surveys/arch-datasharing)

A topic very close to our hearts. Let’s all fill out that survey!

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