Image by Ziegler175 - via CC-BY-SA 1991

From 2016 to Ancient Mesopotamia

A different sort of tablet

We're also having fun with 3d scanning

Just sharing this super neat super high resolution 3d scan of a tablet in the works by one of our colleagues, Michael Rampe.

Image by Michael Rampe, (C) Macquarie University 2016. Image by Michael Rampe, (C) Macquarie University 2016. Click for a full-size version.

MU 4637
Mesopotamia, c.2nd Millennium B.C
Old Babylonian terracotta cuneiform tablet. The piece has extensive traces of an old ink collection number at base of tablet coming once from a private collection or museum
Height: 5.1cm Width: 3.7cm, Depth: 2cm
Macquarie University

While it’s a little lower tech than the tablets we normally work with, this tablet (with the following record) is part of our exploration of 3d printing and augmented reality museums. Lots of top-secret stuff in the works, but this is so superneat!