Altkönigstift, Park, Skulptur Sisyphos, by Karsten Ratzke (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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When are we going to be done with FAIMS?

The sisyphean task of every open source project

If you are ever wondered when the FAIMS project will be truly “finished”, read here : A recent blog post “Evolving Your Open Source Project Infrastructure: There’s No Such Thing As Done” clarifies the never ending challenges and joys of developing an open source infrastucture.

With all the rapid Android development and the speed of technology changing every day, we have to constantly adjust, evolve and grow, both in terms of the code as well as in our client outreach. So, it’s like rolling the stone up the hill. We are still wondering whether this is good or bad :) Let us know what part of your job makes you feel like you’ll never be done?