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DIY approach

Brown University archaeologists create an artifact recording module using FAIMS Mobile

Team of undergraduate students deploy their own FAIMS module

An interdisciplinary team of Brown University undergraduate students led by Assistant Professor of Anthropology Parker VanValkenburgh developed a bilingual module for pottery analysis using the FAIMS User to Developer Documentation.

Quoting a recent interview with the project director VanValkenburgh, the overall experience with the module deployment is very positive: ‘After an intensive three-week period collaborating on the software, they created the Proyecto Arqueológico Zaña Colonial (PAZC) Ceramics module that, deployed in the lab in Lima, “increased efficiency of data entry by an average of about 20 percent,” VanValkenburgh said, and was found by the larger research team “to be universally more engaging than the conventional system we’d been using.”’’

The team is hoping to publish their results in a peer-reviewed journal by the end of the (Northern Hemisphere) fall semester. Moreover, they would like to make the code publicly available and reusable. If you want to learn more about how you can customize your own module, please contact FAIMS team or write directly to Parker VanValkenburgh.

We are looking forward to reading more about their exciting project!