Want to be an armchair archaeologist?

The FAIMS project appears in the media again, this time in the Fox News. Here is the considerably imaginative article with an -  interesting - spin …

New archaeology apps may make you an armchair Indiana Jones

A new app for tablets and smartphones will soon transport you to actual dig sites and ancient civilizations around the world, from China to Egypt to Peru, without getting you down into the mud, muck and malaria that often characterizes an archeological site ....

In my opinion, we are not quit there. While I share Gene Koprowski’s  enthusiasm for virtual reality and understand the sensational aura of archaeology in the media, the FAIMS project is aiming in a more utilitarian direction (not that our developers would not love a 3D fancy requirement…).

To play a bit on Koprowski’s title, the FAIMS ecosystem of federated web applications and services will, in fact, make it possible for you to be an armchair archaeologist -  if comparative research and analysis is what you are after.

As for the mobile application, I hope archaeologists will do exactly the opposite -  namely hurry into the field to collect more, higher quality data, because the recording will be so much easier.

So, read it and let me know what it is you want to be!

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