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Texts and budget for ARC DP application:

Data Management Plan

This [DP/LP] project will create, manage, and archive its data using tools and affiliated services supported by the Field Acquired Information Management Systems project (FAIMS;, funded by the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources scheme (NeCTAR) and ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) award. FAIMS platform facilitates the management of archaeological data over its entire lifecycle, from digital creation in the field using mobile devices and web applications through long-term archiving in an online repository.

The FAIMS Mobile Platform embodies international best practices in data management, including the creation of clean, structured, high-quality datasets mapped to widely-used vocabularies and ontologies, promoting dataset compatibility.

FAIMS will broker and support data archiving in a suitable discipline-specific repository.

FAIMS infrastructure also supports large-scale, inter-site comparative analysis with new and legacy datasets. Use of the FAIMS toolset offers much more than simply posting data to a project website. It enhances the quality, discoverability and interoperability of project data, ensuring that it is genuinely available for reuse and repurposing.

Budget justification

CI [NAME] and [INSTITUTION] are FAIMS partners, making meaningful use of NeCTAR- and ARC-funded infrastructure in the proposed [ARC DP]. We request $[XXXXX] over the life of this project to enable customisation and deployment of the mobile application and support for data ingest into a discipline-specific repository. These funds will be used to implement the applications necessary to support a digital workflow at the project, from data creation, through editing and analysis, to online archiving and publication.

Budget items and costs

Here are tentative quotes for different FAIMS services. Feel free to adjust them up and down as it suits your project

Field Modules:

  • $5,000 - $15,000 per workflow (excavation, survey, artefact processing count as three separate workflows). The actual cost will vary according to the complexity and functional requirements of the modules. Simple ones will likely stay on the lower side of this estimate. Choose from this range with whatever you are comfortable, with the knowledge that ARC may decide to reduce your budget.

Field Devices

  • To use the FAIMS modules you need to have:
    • (a) handheld Android 6+ devices, and
    • (b) either an online, or local FAIMS server.
  • $4,000 for FAIMS-in-a-box - We now offer preconfigured FAIMS Server hardware which we call “FAIMS-in-a-box”. This can be sent to you directly in the field if required. The basic “box” contains the server computer, router, wifi access point, backup HDD(s), cables and reset key in a hard case (suitable for checked luggage), all pre-installed with the Server software as well as OwnCloud suite of tools for Internet-free document and picture syncing and collaboration. The FAIMS-in-a-box is the most reliable, efficient and hassle-free solution for offline field operation. It is recommended for clients who do not wish to source their own hardware components, setup their own server nor maintain and troubleshoot the hardware in the long run. The “box” may or may not include handheld devices according to client’s needs. We recommending allocating $4,000 in your budget if you anticipate requiring the FAIMS-in-a-box solution. This does not include the purchase of handheld devices.
  • We can help you purchase the handheld devices for you and package them together with the FAIMS Server in the “FAIMS-in-a-box”. If you already have compatible devices (Android 6+), you may not need to acquire additional ones.
  • If you have very specific work conditions (no electricity, extreme conditions of work, need for on-the-truck server operation), please let us know so we can prepare a customized hardware solution for you.
  • If not using FAIMS to purchase your hardware, make sure you budget for both your handheld devices and an adequate FAIMS server-computer with access point.

Data Integration

  • From legacy to FAIMS: is there a need to transfer legacy data for use in the FAIMS mobile platform?
  • From FAIMS to legacy systems: FAIMS already supports one-way export of editable data to ArcGIS, CSV and SQL Server. If other integrations is needed from FAIMS to existing systems, the costs need to be assessed.

Data Streamlining

  • FAIMS does not currently provide this service. We however highly recommend that the project budgets for a “Data assistant”, who can clean up and process the digital data before analysis, publication, and distribution (uploading it to online storage, sharing among the team and other colleagues).
  • For a complex project 0.3 FTE Research Assistant position is a recommended minimum.

Data Archiving in a discipline-specific Repository

  • Legacy data may need time-intensive processing before uploading (metadata, consistency and completeness verification), which is to be borne by the project and not included in these quotes.
  • Discipline specific repository costs are highly variable. We are happy to help you negotiate and create a quote.
  • For archaeologists, FAIMS recommends the following JOAD approved repositories:
  • For those interested in community centred culturally-sensitive data publication, consult with:

Dialogue & Discussion