Another image of the Blue Mountains. CC-BY FAIMS Project 2014.

The Web Tools

Analyse and visualise your data collected in the field using the FAIMS Web Tools suite. Heurist is the first tool available in this suite, with more coming soon.

Heurist is an online data analysis and visualisation platform developed since 2007 by Arts eResearch at the University of Sydney (, as an option for data refinement, analysis, export and project creation.

Heurist can be used for routine data editing, but it also facilitates fundamental reorganisation and rethinking of data. For example, its visualisation and association capabilities help decisions regarding which excavation contexts should be included in which horizons, or which individual artefacts should be classified as which types. FAIMS is working with Arts eResearch to ensure a smooth, automated workflow that takes data from creation in the mobile application, through refinement in Heurist, to processing in ArcGIS (and other commercial software), and finally archiving and dissemination in tDAR, Open Context, or other online repositories.

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