Reflections – Exploring the decisions behind FAIMS architecture

Choosing the right mobile application platform; Android, iOS, or cross-platform?

We at FAIMS team get often asked:'Why Android? Is this due to some ideological attachment to Google?' Not quite. Our reasons were more complex and much more practical than that. Read More ›

Reflections – Discussion on Digital Archaeology Commons

FAIMS is not a walled garden: A Response to Ben

What exactly is FAIMS Mobile and where it stands among digital data capture tools? FAIMS is responding to a recent post on DAC Read More ›


Editing... from github

I'm seeing if the webhook thingo works... Read More ›

News – New Site, now powered by Jekyll

A new name, a new site!

We've moved from wordpress onto Jekyll... and we're announcing a different unpacking for the FAIMS acronym! Read More ›