Reflections – Some other projects we're working on

Minecrafting a Çatalhöyük Dwelling

A proof of concept for a archaeological pedagogy with minecraft Read More ›

News – 2016 devices offer great technical specs for every budget.

Looking for a new device? Check out the latest models!

We have been testing FAIMS on 2016 tablets and have been pleasantly surprised. Read More ›

Reflections – Some of the infrastructure

A discussion of the technology which makes this blog possible

Why we moved away from PHP and wordpress and on to static site generation. Read More ›

News – FAIMS is on for another year!

FAIMS project received a NSW RAAP award

We will be deploying the FAIMS Mobile platform in NSW community science and heritage projects Read More ›

Reflections – Exploring the decisions behind FAIMS architecture

Choosing the right mobile application platform; Android, iOS, or cross-platform?

We at FAIMS team get often asked:'Why Android? Is this due to some ideological attachment to Google?' Not quite. Our reasons were more complex and much more practical than that. Read More ›