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From the Project Manager's corner › Printing Labels on the Go
Tao River Project adds mobile label printing to their FAIMS module in 2018 Read More ›

Notes from the Field! › Mapping the lost mining settlements in the Blue Mountains
Macquarie University students use FAIMS to record historical heritage around the Ruined Castle Read More ›

FAIMS mobile updates › FAIMS at CAA 2017 Spring Institute
FAIMS attended the CAA Australasia Spring Institute Read More ›

FAIMS mobile updates › FAIMS talks to Citizen Science Project Streamwatch
Streamwatch citizen science project at the Australian Museum Read More ›

FAIMS mobile updates › FAIMS wins Ideation Challenge
FAIMS wins DataApp: A Mobile App Framework for Field Data Capture Challenge Read More ›

FAIMS mobile updates › FAIMS mobile app can now print QR code and labels
print your QR codes and labels in the field from FAIMS mobile app Read More ›

FAIMS Out&About › FAIMS Seminar Friday, 2.June 2017, Centre for Archaeological Science, University of Wollongong
Seminar at the Centre for Archaeological Science, University of Wollongong Read More ›

FAIMS Out&About › FAIMS and Macquarie University talk Archaeology at the Discover North Parramatta Open Day
FAIMS at Discover North Parramatta Open Day Read More ›

FAIMS Team News! › Introducing FAIMS' new Access Coordinator!
Robert is here to help you! Read More ›

A new publication in Mobilizing the Past › Measure Twice, Cut Once: Cooperative Deployment of a Generalized, Archaeology Specific Field Data Collection System
Case studies from the FAIMS Project Read More ›

Passing on the internet wisdom › When are we going to be done with FAIMS?
The sisyphean task of every open source project Read More ›

DIY approach › Brown University archaeologists create an artifact recording module using FAIMS Mobile
Team of undergraduate students deploy their own FAIMS module Read More ›

FAIMS in field, vol. 1 › FAIMS in action: Excavation of the Bleichert's Ropeway in the Blue Mountains, NSW
Documenting a unique historic site Read More ›

FAIMS team off to Canberra › FAIMS is delving deeper into innovation space
We're joining CSIRO - powered ON Prime programme Read More ›

From 2016 to Ancient Mesopotamia › A different sort of tablet
We're also having fun with 3d scanning Read More ›

We are joining forces with tDAR › The FAIMS Repository is moving to a new home
With our repositories combined... Read More ›

Welcome to the office at W6A 510 Macquarie University › The team behind FAIMS
Come meet the FAIMS team... Read More ›

More on the Minecraft Pedagogy › Why Minecraft and Archaeology?
Some discussion on my plans for minecraft Read More ›

Some other projects we're working on › Minecrafting a Çatalhöyük Dwelling
A proof of concept for a archaeological pedagogy with minecraft Read More ›

2016 devices offer great technical specs for every budget. › Looking for a new device? Check out the latest models!
We have been testing FAIMS on 2016 tablets and have been pleasantly surprised. Read More ›

Some of the infrastructure › A discussion of the technology which makes this blog possible
Why we moved away from PHP and wordpress and on to static site generation. Read More ›

FAIMS is on for another year! › FAIMS project received a NSW RAAP award
We will be deploying the FAIMS Mobile platform in NSW community science and heritage projects Read More ›

Exploring the decisions behind FAIMS architecture › Choosing the right mobile application platform; Android, iOS, or cross-platform?
We at FAIMS team get often asked:'Why Android? Is this due to some ideological attachment to Google?' Not quite. Our reasons were more complex and much more practical than that. Read More ›

Discussion on Digital Archaeology Commons › FAIMS is not a walled garden: A Response to Ben
What exactly is FAIMS Mobile and where it stands among digital data capture tools? FAIMS is responding to a recent post on DAC Read More ›

Adela Says Hi
Editing... from github
I'm seeing if the webhook thingo works... Read More ›

New Site, now powered by Jekyll › A new name, a new site!
We've moved from wordpress onto Jekyll... and we're announcing a different unpacking for the FAIMS acronym! Read More ›

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A quick survey on data sharing
New News! FAIMS at MQ! FAIMS in a truck! FAIMS in podcasts...
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Pardon our dust...
FAIMS Mentioned in Intersect Monthly Newsletter
ARIADNE project surveys European archaeologists,
Tales of new development
FAIMS@UQ Workshop, Day 1 Part 2
Watch the FAIMS Workshop at UQ Tomorrow!
Emergency wiki downtime ahead
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Having a scale output weight over bluetooth...
And we're back up.
FAIMS Infrastructure downtime approaching
A box, a box, a mysterious box...
New SSL Certificates for
Call for Repository Testers
Announcing some support infrastructure!
A really big shout out to Floobits
Downtime ahead: we're working on automated backups
Are you applying for ARC Discovery or Linkage grant this year?
Starting the new year...
An early Christmas present has arrived...
Watch the launching of the DINAA project!
AAA2013 Complexities of Scale - Scale and Granularity in Archaeological Data Management
Hands-on Workshop at AAA in Coff's Harbour!
FAIMS LIVES! Muahahahaha!
Device recommendations for the FAIMS Mobile Application
On the Culture of Intertia...
What does a 23 thousand bigram word cloud look like? An honours thesis.
FAIMS is going to THATcamp Sydney!
Remote Sensing the environs of Zagora, Greece
Some word rock art for your afternoon.
A review of the FAIMS Beta!
Another domain.
Securing the Site
On a "new" server!
Preparing to post on Google Play
FAIMS partner in the White House
Rendering Random Rasters - Do It Yourself
The cascading failures of autocompletion
A little bit of turbulence...
Pictures of a New Office
Core Concepts in Archaeology - What is your opinion?
Another successful acceptance test!
Melbourne workshop
A lovely walk around the harbour
Can I have your data?
Want to be an armchair archaeologist?
E-mail Syndication
For our more Technical Readers... links to our code
CSV parsing: a question to our community
Instituting some Strong Security
Pushing Open Source Android
Colour, colour everywhere and not a drop to see...
FAIMS at SAA Hawaii - drop by!
Some fun mod_rewriting
FAIMS at CAA - Have Your Say!
CAA Hands-On Workshop Today!
Learning opportunity in Cultural Heritage informatics
Almost done.....
FAIMS Tech Demo #2 is up, GPS, GIS, and Bluetooth!
Come join us at CAA next week!
We are testing new prototypes
Screenshots Galore of testing tests for testing...
Data Exchange Summit
FAIMS in a new office - ready for visitors!
Some light SQL to finish your day.
What you may not know about a LIEF grant application
We have a video! And a channel!
And now we're talking to a totalstation...
FAIMS at Google SUDO
When certainty is not certain...
First internal prototype
On a roll, a sample screenshot from our app!
Some pictures from Jordan
Curious about what's coming in the new year?
A Postcard for FAIMS
First Sprint Demo
Excavation mock-up
Stakeholder CatchUp alias Reflections on AAA
At the AAA Conference
At the NeCTAR Conference
Lets get inspired
Current Database Thoughts
NEW: FAIMS Workshop audio files
Responding To Comments
We've moved servers and we're almost through elaboration...
We've Moved Servers
Workshop Proceedings
Climbing the Tower of Babel
Requirements Generation is Fun
A Stranger in a Strange Land
Keynote: Capacity Building in (Digital) Archaeology
Analysis, Processing, and Visualization
Sustainability Strategies
Sensitive Data
Opportunities and Issues of Data Federation
Archaeological Data and Data Standards
Online Repositories
Mobile Applications
FAIMS profile in ComputerWorld
Time Tracking Survey
FAIMS Workshop Evaluation
Thanks to Workshop Participants
Updated Workshop schedule released
Brief segment with Shawn Ross on the ABC's "Future Tense"
FAIMS featured in The Australian
Digital Data Survey
UNSW Press Release
FAIMS on NeCTAR Webpage
Workshop Registration goes live
Our Mendeley Group: Mobile Device Applications in Archaeology
The University of New South Wales
Site goes live