Curious about what's coming in the new year?

Here’s an end-of-year gift of information for those FAIMS stakeholders who are anxiously waiting to know what we are focusing on in 2013. In the Software Development Plan you can find a composite document that outlines our development in the next year. This little monster consists of:

(1)  technical narrative of FAIMS development plans for 2013

(2)  user stories showing how the FAIMS applications will fit in the archaeological workflow

(3)  requirements that form the basis for the Mobile Application, being developed by Intersect, NSW

(4)  extensions to Heurist built by Arts eResearch at University of Sydney to serve as Data Editing space for FAIMS

(5)  development plan for the new Repository (AHAD+) , prepared by VeRSI.

This and several other reports are also available from the Resources  > Project Reports menu.

We wish a Happy New Year to all FAIMS supporters!

FAIMS team

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